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iMomentsVideo has taken wedding filming to the next level and are the provider of leading wedding cinematography in delhi. It is not just a documentary of everything that happened during your wedding anymore. Now your wedding film has its own character and narrates your story in the most aesthetically beautiful manner. It has taken a long time for us to develop our wedding film style and we take pride in the fact that it is very unique and unlike any other currently available in the market. Each of our film has it’s own style and tells you more about the couple than you can imagine.

Your wedding film will be quirky, fun, emotional and well, you! While watching your film, you will recall each of those special moments that happened at your wedding but were a blur to you because everything was happening so fast as if in a dream. We want you to relive your wedding every time you watch your film! Our style of shooting films is non-obtrusive and candid. You will not even realize that your small wink to your groom, tear drop at the mandap, the reassuring touch, the exchanged looks, the smiles, the laughter has all been captured and you will be able to watch it again and again in slow motion!


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